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Golf is much more than just hitting a ball. Areas that also require attention are: anxiety management, course management, how to practice correctly, stretching techniques for golf, configuration of your golf clubs, the thought process and much more.
During the programs we deal with each issue and provide you with work notes and printouts to optimise your progress. Generally a mix of off-course instruction and on-course coaching works best.
The programmes and packages are based on a 28-week University course I designed and taught for over six years.

Flexibility is the key - individually tailored packages

Everyone I teach differs in their learning requirements. Sessions are paced to the student’s needs and wants and their fitness levels. Hitting hundreds of golf balls at a time simply produces fatigue and possible injury. There is a smarter way to improve your golf. I want you to take away an understanding of your swing so that you become, to a reasonable extent, your own 'Swing Doctor'.

It gives me great satisfaction to have helped make life-long changes to my clients’ game.

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