"I have been working with Steve Darmody for the past few months on my swing and have been delighted with by the changes he is getting me to make. I also recently had Steve help me with my chipping which has been really poor for a long time. He quickly identified the key areas in my chipping technique and gave me a very simple and practical way to fix my problems. At last I can approach a chip with confidence." Gerry Van Der Merwe


"Steve has produced incredible improvements in my game. I have dropped 7 shots off my handicap. I was on 19 when we started and I am now on a 12 handicap" Craig Huxley Brisbane


"Thank heavens for Steve – Now I am interested in my game again – challenged, focused, playing a game with relaxed, soft and more amazingly, straight shots all thanks to Steve and 4 golf lessons. It is incredible how natural the changes have felt. The swing is cleaner, more compact, disciplined and its feel great. The dream is alive again! Jack and I have had our lessons together which has allowed Steve to approach our different strengths and obstacles – teach one whilst the other practices under his watchful eye. It’s been very interesting to see him refocus on one of us individually and change the message between us in a split second. Thanks for your gentle manner and a very professional approach to your coaching"

Lynnie Bain Sanctuary Cove GC


"About 6 months ago I booked and attended a series of lessons with Steve.  My handicap was 4 and had been for some time.  I’ve had a number of follow up lessons to fine tune my game.  My handicap has dropped to 2 with my scoring average dropping and the birdies per round increasing.  Steve has given me an understanding of my golf swing which has helped me to be a better ball striker.  His input into my short game has made it very sharp.   I now understand how to get my putter on plane and how to make the right move with my wedges.  Steve’s input has meant that when I practise I’m able to so with precision.  His lessons always conclude with clear swing thoughts or ideas to work on." Nathan Tresize Brisbane GC

I am less tired and don’t hurt after a game anymore. This is significant and related to the “Easy” swing you showed me. The next benefit has been distance. I am still amazed at my 7 iron carrying 150-160 metres. My regular partners have noticed the improvement. Many thanks for your help
John G (Adelaide)

“I have been a bit tardy in sending you a follow-up note to thank you for the very enjoyable and productive 3 x days. Wilf and I had a great time and the coaching was excellent. Have managed to take out a Sunday Fourball event with 49 points and have had some solid singles results. This has reduced my handicap to 15. My driving has been transformed”.
Ray C

Over the past year and a half after taking lessons from you I have reduced my handicap from 5 to scratch. Your coaching techniques and strategies are very easy to comprehend. Most coaches are very technical and hard to understand. The way you teach is technical but your interpretation is very basic to pick up. I am happy to say that I am applying for a traineeship at the beginning of the year. I would like to say thank you for your support throughout the years.
Ben C

I feel very relaxed with my new HG clubs you fitted for me. Combined with a little coaching and I am hitting percentage shots very frequently. I am enjoying my golf more than ever.
Mal L

Today I zipped off for my first 9 holes (since the coaching package) and the results were brilliant. The best golf I have ever played by a long shot. You did a great job in turning my game around.
Alex M

Steve, Thank you. We really enjoyed the day. The lesson was exceptional, the company very entertaining and the afternoon golf wonderful. Scott is inspired and I can’t stop dreaming of golf now. In fact I went to the driving range on Sunday morning to see if I could put your lesson into practice and I did, straight and long. It was so exciting I just had to send a message to Scott. Once again thank you for a terrific time—I think for me netball is on the way out.
Anthea H

Andrew has broken his handicap with his new swing. I have had a string of successes. My handicap has dropped from 43—36 and if this week was counted it would have reduced even further. Thank you.
Belinda M

I am absolutely delighted with my Henry Griffitts golf clubs. I feel very confident with the driver, probably a meter or two stronger than my previous Calloway. The irons Are really beautiful, they feel good, sound good and look good to me. The wedges are just superb—accuracy with all three and the feel in close is excellent. I am playing well enough to raise a few eyebrows.
Maurice R

I should have gone to Steve Darmody and bought the clubs years ago. Steve and the clubs have restored my enjoyment of the game.
Chris W

The fitting session with Steve was great and the delivery service extremely quick. Since buying the clubs my distance has improved by twenty metres power club and they have also helped my accuracy. A fantastic investment.
Glenn C

Steve Darmody did an excellent job of identifying my swing problems and my poorly suited clubs. My handicap has dropped from 12—10.
Robert W

Steve, Thanks a million for all you have done. My short game has improved a lot.
Linda Van L

I came to Steve’s One Day School hoping to pick up a few tips. After a couple of hours of working on my setup and swing Steve had transformed my golf swing from something that I always had to wrestle with to something so uncomplicated and simple. I have had many lessons from other teachers but have never been able to hit the golf ball with so little effort.

My concern with this was losing distance because it felt like I wasn’t even trying to hit the ball. When we got on the golf course I was amazed at how far I could hit the ball with so little effort. I never thought the golf swing could be so simple.
Bryan H

Thank you so much for recommending and fitting me with the clubs. Never have I made a better golfing decision. Owning the clubs has had a dramatic impact on how I play and think about golf. Playing with the clubs is just pure joy. My handicap is dropping all the time. I am sitting on 13 at the moment and still heading down. Andy and Jim also send their regards. Both have improved dramatically since their sessions with you. Jim’s average score has dropped by 15 strokes and Andy’s by about ten. See you next time I am in Queensland.
Bruce H